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Presentation: "From Experiments to Insights at Pinterest"

Track: Real Data Science / Time: Wednesday 16:50 - 17:40 / Location: Mountbatten Room

The basics of A/B testing are simple: randomly assign users to groups and observe their behavior. But things get tricky when it comes to using A/B tests to make major decisions: many subtle mistakes can lead you to draw the wrong conclusions. I will discuss the evolution of Pinterest's A/B testing platform, and how you can learn from our mistakes to go from simply running experiments to actually deriving insights.

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Andrea Burbank, Data Scientist at Pinterest

Andrea Burbank

Biography: Andrea Burbank

Andrea Burbank works as a data scientist at Pinterest, where she has led A/B testing for the past 18 months. Prior to Pinterest, she worked as a software engineer at Bing and as a natural language scientist on ranking and relevance at Powerset, a semantic search engine acquired by Microsoft in 2008. She has a BS in physics and a BA in linguistics from Stanford University.