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Presentation: "Mapping Etsy's Front-end - Tools & Techniques for Managing Complexity at Scale"

Track: Bleeding Edge HTML5 & JavaScript - Taking the Web Platform to the Next Level / Time: Thursday 16:50 - 17:40 / Location: Mountbatten Room

The surface area of Etsy's front-end is massive - our JavaScript codebase has nearly doubled in the last year to almost 2,400 source files, totaling more than half a million lines. We have more than 300 different pages, each with it's own context and asset payload. Because of our dedication to continuous deployment - with 25 to 50 daily deploys - the build pipeline must be fast. I'll talk about how we built an incremental compiler for our javascript modules, and then leveraged it for a new internal tool to give us a realtime birds-eye view of how our static assets are being deployed, compiled and loaded.

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Daniel Espeset, Performance Engineer at Etsy

Daniel Espeset

Biography: Daniel Espeset

Daniel Espeset is a Software Engineer working on the Performance team at Etsy. He enjoys hacking on build processes, improving front-end architecture and pursuing moon-shot experiments in code instrumentation and static analysis. If he were granted three wishes he would ask for the CDNs to support SPDY (you know who you are), Safari to implement the Navigation Timing API and unlimited future wishes (obv). He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Garity and their two cats, Fannie and Cece.

Twitter: @danielespeset