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Brandon Byars, Technologist & Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks

Brandon Byars

Biography: Brandon Byars

Brandon Byars is a technologist and principal consultant at ThoughtWorks. He has a wide range of experience in multiple technologies and business domains, with an interest in applying systems thinking to software development. Brandon has a particular interest in exploring the social and organizational aspects that allow software development to scale to large teams.

Twitter: @BrandonByars

Presentation: Enterprise Integration Using REST: A Case Study

Track: Building Integrated Applications with Web Technologies / Time: Thursday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Fleming

Most internal REST APIs are one-off APIs purpose built for a single integration point. I helped lead a very large legacy mainframe replacement which used REST as the integration strategy for the new system. In this talk, I'll discuss the constraints and the flexibility that you have with nonpublic APIs, and lessons learned from scaling RESTful integration across more than a dozen teams. My hypothesis is that media types and hypermedia have much less to do with success than environment management, testing strategies, and contract evolution.