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Derek Collison, Founder & CEO, Apcera

Derek Collison

Biography: Derek Collison

An industry veteran and pioneer in large-scale distributed systems and enterprise computing, Derek has held executive positions at TIBCO Software, Google, and VMware. At TIBCO, he designed and implemented a wide range of messaging products, including Rendezvous and EMS. As TIBCO’s SVP and Chief Architect, Derek led technical and strategic product direction and delivery. He co-founded the AJAX APIs group at Google and went on to VMware to design and architect the industry’s first open PaaS, Cloud Foundry.

With numerous software patents and frequent speaking engagements, Derek is a recognized leader in distributed systems design and architecture as well as emerging cloud platforms.

Twitter: @derekcollison

Presentation: Enterprise IT: What's Beyond Virtualization

Track: Next Gen Cloud / Time: Friday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Mountbatten Room

If your IT strategy is to drive virtualization from X% to Y%, your doing wrong. What does the future look like for Enterprise IT, and how do we start the journey to a secure, trusted hybrid platform that truly delivers the business value and velocity we all want?

In the era of software-defined everything, one goal is to reach a fluid infrastructure that has the level of plasticity needed to self heal itself and provide higher level SLAs for applications and services. Adding value to existing applications and services in a transparent fashion requires a rethinking of core technologies in the platform space. In this talk we will take a look at some low level technologies and approaches to achieving this goal. Topics will range from Intelligent layer 7 SDN with semantic awareness, distributed scheduling algorithms, policy distribution and invalidation, health monitoring and management, self healing techniques, and the role of unsupervised deep machine learning and anomaly detection.