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Joakim Recht, Developer at TradeShift

Joakim Recht

Biography: Joakim Recht

Joakim currently works as a senior code monkey at Tradeshift in Copenhagen churning out code and is a firm believer in agile and test-driven development. He has been a big part of building the Tradeshift platform, and has contributed to a number of open source projects and is a Certified SpringSource Trainer.

Software Passion: Improve code. Code better. Always.

Twitter: @joakimrecht

Presentation: The Lean Pipeline - from Code to Production as Fast & Safe as Possible

Track: From Financial Risk to booking a Cab, Technology Stories from Startups / Time: Friday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Whittle Room

In the early days of a startup, you're often focused on writing a lot of code and getting features out. You probably know about the whole devops movement, continuous deployment, etc, but there's rarely time to actually implement these things fully. However, in order to grow, you have to be quite certain that you keep the quality of your software up, and that you don't have too many manual processes involved in the development, testing, and deployment of your software.

In this talk we'll take a look at some of the main milestones in how Tradeshift moved from manual deployment processes to automation and also what this means in terms of organizational scalability, technology, transparency, and culture.