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Create intelligent, disruptive cloud-based applications with developer tools from IBM. Whether you're exploring AI, IoT, or blockchain, we can help you build applications capable of changing the world. 

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Azul Systems builds JVMs: use Zing for better metrics for all Java workloads and Zulu for supported open source Java for servers, clients and the IoT. 

GoCD is an on-premise, open source, continuous delivery tool to help you get better visibility into and control of your teams’ deployments.

SAP helps companies of all sizes and industries run better, operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably. 

LaunchDarkly is a feature management platform. Dev and Ops teams use our platform to separate code deployments from feature releases, and eliminate risk from their development cycles.

Camunda, headquartered in Berlin, is an open source platform for workflow & decision automation that brings business users & software developers together. More than 180 customers automate their core business with Camunda, among them Allianz Insurances, AT&T, T-Mobile & Zalando.

Oracle brings to developers enterprise software for modern application development with its PaaS & IaaS Cloud services for Java, Javascript, Mobile, Database & other development platforms. 

Indeed Prime is a free, concierge service that matches tech engineers, UX/UI designers and product managers to relevant roles at leading companies.

Pivotal transforms how the world builds software. Pivotal combines the Silicon Valley state of mind, modern approach & infrastructure with organizations’ core expertise & values.

Solace messaging technology enables real-time data distribution between applications, big data systems, cloud services and IoT devices. 

NGINX is the fastest growing, highest performing software for modern web architectures. Over 60% of the world’s busiest sites chose NGINX & NGINX Plus for application delivery.

JFrog’s mission is to transform the way enterprises manage and release software updates with the world’s first universal artifact management platform, JFrog Artifactory.

AppDynamics provides real-time visibility into application performance, user experience, & business performance with unified monitoring down to the network & across private and public clouds.

Aerospike, the world’s fastest database: its open-source, flash-optimized, in-memory NoSQL and key-value store operates with unmatched speed, scale & reliability.

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At Europe’s leading fashion platform, we scaled our tech to serve 22 mil customers in 15 markets, while keeping to our engineering values & culture.

WhiteSource secures and manages open source components used in your products, automatically and continuously.

Twilio is a cloud communications platform for software developers to build, scale and operate real time communications in their software applications.

Real-time operational intelligence for data-driven DevOps.  Start free trial here.

PagerDuty is the leading digital operations management platform for businesses.

Build more. Ship more. OutSystems is a faster way to create web and cross-platform mobile software. Start your low-code journey.

Instana is the leader in Application Performance Management for containerized microservice applications.

Hazelcast is the leading open source in-memory data grid with tens of thousands of installed clusters and over 39 million server starts per month.

Cloud Native strategy & technology experts, designing & implementing solutions. We have a broad range of cloud native skills, focusing on data processing & microservices.

Atomist is the software delivery machine for modern software teams who want visibility and control of every aspect of their craft.

Redis Labs is the home of Redis & commercial provider of Redis Enterprise, the world’s most popular in-memory database platform

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