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Peter Sommerlad

 Peter  Sommerlad Peter Sommerlad is professor for software engineering and head of Institute for Software at HSR Hochschule für Technik, Rapperswil. Peter is co-author of the books Pattern-oriented Software Architecture Vol.1 and Security Patterns as well as author and shepherd of many other patterns for software and security. His current research interests are in refactoring for non-Java languages in Eclipse (e.g. C++, Ruby, Python) with his long-term goal of making software simpler by decremental development: Refactoring software to 10% its size with better architecture, testability and quality and even improved functionality.

Presentation: "Patterns for Securing Architectures"

Track:   Qualities in Architecture

Time: Wednesday 16:00 - 17:00

Location: Fleming Room

Abstract: According to security guru Bruce Schneier, security is all about trade-offs you make with respect to your always limited resources. Today, security is often a problem either when designing a system's architecture or -- in the worst case -- as an after-thought. Only a few experts have knowledge to design good security and we can safely assume that there is no security expert in most development teams. Before Design Patterns OO-design and architecture was a similar black art only performed well by experts. We expect Security Patterns to provide such leverage for designing secure architectures, because they make discussions easier with the common names for concepts, make security design decisions more consciously, and because they tell the truth about their trade-offs. This talk focusses on Security Patterns for designing security in architectures, such as Role-based Access Control, Single Access Point, and Front Door.

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