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Peter Kriens, OSGi Technical Director

 Peter  Kriens, OSGi Technical Director

Peter Kriens is currently the OSGi Director of Technology. He worked in the newspaper industry until 1990 and started as an independent consultant in 1990. Since then he worked extensively for major companies like Intel, Ericsson, Motorola, Adobe, IBM, Nokia, and many more.

In 1998 he got involved in the Connected Alliance, which later became the OSGi Alliance. He has been heavily involved in all major releases of the OSGi specifications. He is currently managing the technical work of the OSGi and giving workshops as the OSGi evangelist.

Presentation: "OSGi, the foundation"

Track:   Java Emerging Technologies

Time: Thursday 16:00 - 17:00

Location: Elizabeth Windsor

Abstract: The OSGi specification are adopted in an increasing number of projects: Eclipse, Cocoon, Spring, Felix, Knopflerfish, Nokia phones, and BMW cars. And these are just the highly visible parts, there is an avalanche of projects on its way. The specifications provide a common model for writing and deploying applications to local or remote computers in modularized form. Instead of creating monolithic applications, the OSGi specifications allow the collaboration of many small components. This presentation will show you why a specification like OSGi is crucial, what it really encompasses, and what the future developments will be.

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