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Zed Shaw, Creator, Mongrel Ruby HTTP Server

 Zed  Shaw, Creator, Mongrel Ruby HTTP Server "Zed A. Shaw's Mongrel Web Server is the favored way for organizations of all kinds to breathe life into their fledgling Ruby on Rails applications. Zed has been developing software for close to 14 years professionally and has worked in such industries as academics, security, government, and companies big and small."

Presentation: "Mongrel, 2500 Lines, and Economics"

Track:   What makes Ruby Roll?

Time: Friday 11:00 - 12:00

Location: Elizabeth Windsor


Mongrel is the main web server powering many of the Ruby on Rails, Nitro, Camping, IOWA, and custom Ruby web applications in operation today. It powers large and small sites, internal applications, Win32 deployments, and even inspires satire and humor in strange ways. It's been extended to handle processes and operations never originally intended. It's even spawned cottage industries in Ruby web hosting, many books, blog postings, and many love letters too embarrassing to share.

Yet it's only about 2500 lines of Ruby and C code.

This presentation will delve into the enormous proportional impact Mongrel's tiny little 2500 lines of code has, and how something so small can do so much for so many people. I'll discuss code metrics, the lies of COCOMO, the importance of documentation, several case studies, and demonstrate through fancy graphs just what parts of Mongrel are doing the most for everyone. The goal of this presentation is to show how a project doesn't have to be gigantic and complex to have a major impact in the industry.

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