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Adrian Trenaman, Principal Consultant

 Adrian  Trenaman, Principal Consultant Dr. Adrian Trenaman is a Principal Consultant at IONA Technologies, and specialises in service-oriented architecture through CORBA, ESB and Web Services technologies. An expert in IONA's Orbix and Artix product lines, he has consulted for IONA at industry-leading institutions such as Zurich Insurance and O2, including a long-term residency on Credit Suisse's infrastructure team in Zurich. An award-winning speaker, he has lectured in industrial and academic arenas, teaching subjects from UML, Design Patterns and Programming in Java and C++ to Theoretical Computer Science and Neural Networks. He has written a number of training courses on Web Services and SOA Architecture, from foundation level to advanced development topics, and contributes regularly to the open-source Celtix project. Adrian also serves as a project reviewer for the European Commission. Adrian holds a B.A. Mod. in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin, and Ph.D. in Computer Science from National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

Presentation: "Building multi-protocol open-source web-services using JAX-WS."

Track:   Solution Track 2

Time: Thursday 14:30 - 15:30

Location: Wordsworth Room


JAX-WS provides an elegant mapping from WSDL to Java, allowing developers to build web services without needing to know the nuts and bolts of the SOAP protocol. Importantly, the JAX-WS programming model can be easily applied to other protocols and payloads not typically associated with web services: developers can program in a pure-Java, protocol agnostic world without needing to know what's going on on-the-wire.

In this hands-on session I'll show how to use open-source tooling to rapidly assemble multi-protocol web services in JAX-WS, facilitating SOAP, XML and JSON payloads over HTTP, HTTPS, JMS and AMQP. As a motivating example, this session will examine how to transmit UBL-2.0 XML documents (such as invoices) across different payload/transport combinations to the same pure-Java service.

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