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Neil Pellinacci, Software Design and Development Consultant

Neil Pellinacci

Biography: Neil Pellinacci

Neil Pellinacci is an experienced software design and development consultant, with over 20 years experience of software development in both conventional and Agile environments. He founded Tanzarine Technology Ltd in 1999, specialising in Internet related technologies and Java server side web projects, with a proven track record in: Government electronic business projects Web authentication and authorisation techniques Content management Consultancy and development for small businesses.

He strongly believes that smaller businesses can and should leverage technology solutions in the same way as their larger counterparts. In what now seems like a past life, he was co-author of "The Giant Book of Spectrum Arcade Games" (Fontana, 1984).  

Presentation: Integration At Scale: Lessons Learned From The New Enterprise Web

Track: Industrial-Strength Architecture for Integration and Web Computing / Time: Friday 11:50 - 12:50 / Location: Fleming

The mobile device revolution has upended our traditional view of the world wide web. The enterprise web is now about integration: connecting any device to to any data, reliably and under wildly fluctuating load. How has this affected web architecture, and what changes in the day-to-day operation of the web resource? Join us for this panel of senior enterprise architects, each of whom has met the challenge of the new enterprise web.