QCon is a practitioner-driven conference designed for technical team leads, architects, and project managers who influence software innovation in their teams.

Presentation: "Introduction of the Wednesday Tracks"

Time: Wednesday 08:30 - 09:00 / Location: Fleming

The Program Committee and Track Hosts will present today's program, provide a short introduction to the Tracks scheduled, inform you about last minute changes to the schedule and general information.

Chris Swan, CTO at CohesiveFT & Track Host

Chris Swan

Biography: Chris Swan

Chris Swan is CTO at CohesiveFT, a cloud networking company founded in 2006 that he joined in early 2013. He was previously at UBS where he held a number of CTO roles and represented the bank as a Director on the Steering Committee of the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA). Before joining UBS he was CTO at a London based technology investment banking boutique CapitalSCF. Chris previously held various senior R&D, architecture and engineering positions at Credit Suisse, which included networks, security, data centre automation and introduction of new application platforms. Prior to the world of financial services Chris was a Combat Systems Engineering Officer in the Royal Navy. He has an MBA from OUBS and a BEng in Electronics Engineering from the University of York.

Chris is a keen maker and hacker taking an active role in the London and Brighton communities for Open Source Hardware, Raspberry Pi and the Internet of Things. He is also an advisor to a number of London based tech and fintech startups, and track host for Privacy & Security and Making the Internet of Things.

Twitter: @cpswan
Track Host of "Privacy & Security - Rebuilding Trust" and "Making the Internet of Things"

Dan North, Agile Troublemaker, Developer, Originator of BDD & Track Host

Dan North

Biography: Dan North

Dan North uses his deep technical and organisational knowledge to help CIOs, business and software teams to deliver quickly and successfully. He puts people first and finds simple, pragmatic solutions to business and technical problems, often using lean and agile techniques. With over twenty years of experience in IT, Dan is a frequent speaker at technology conferences worldwide. The originator of Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) and Deliberate Discovery, Dan has published feature articles in numerous software and business publications, and contributed to The RSpec Book: Behaviour Driven Development with RSpec, Cucumber, and Friends and 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts. He occasionally blogs at dannorth.net.

Twitter: @tastapod
Track Host of "Stayin' Alive - Tales of Resilience, Fault Tolerance & Recovery"

Shane Hastie, Experienced & Enthusiastic Trainer & Coach & Track Host

Shane Hastie

Biography: Shane Hastie

Shane Hastie is an experienced and enthusiastic trainer and coach based in New Zealand, working with teams and organisations around the world. He specialises in working with cross cultural and distributed teams.
He is the Agile Practice Lead for Software Education, a Director of the Agile Alliance and is the Process and Practices Lead Editor for InfoQ.com.

Twitter: @shanehastie
Blog: blog.softed.com
Track Host of "Real Agile Delivery with DevOps"

Steve Freeman, Pioneer of Agile, Chair the first London XpDay & Track Host

Steve Freeman

Biography: Steve Freeman

Steve Freeman, author of Growing Object Oriented Software, Guided by Tests (Addison-Wesley), was a pioneer of Agile software development in the UK. He has developed software for a range of institutions, from small vendors to multinational investment banks. Steve trains and consults for software teams around the world. Previously, he has worked in research labs and software houses, earned a PhD (Cambridge), written shrink-wrap applications for IBM, and taught at University College London. Steve is a presenter and organiser at international industry conferences, and was chair of the first London XpDay.

Twitter: @sf105
Video presentations: Sustainable Test-Driven Development, Transparency: A Great Leap Forward or Exposed Artery?, Test Driven Development: Ten Years Later, Making Roles Explicit
Track Host of "Everything you wanted to know about CS (but were afraid to ask)"

Sven Johann, Nomadic Programmer at Trifork & Track Host

Sven Johann

Biography: Sven Johann

Sven is a nomadic programmer who lived in four countries on two continents, partially at the same time. Having worked in research and industry, in domains like automotive, avionics, education or finance as well as on different embedded or enterprisy platforms, he hopes to profit from this diverse range of experiences by being always open enough to see the right solution for a problem instead of getting trapped by biases, old habits or prejudice. His love in software engineering belongs mostly to automation and the learning software organization. He occasionally blogs at blog.trifork.com.

Track Host of "Real Data Science" and "Big Data Architectures - handling too big, too fast or too versatile data"