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George Richmond, Software Developer at BSkyB

George Richmond

Biography: George Richmond

George Richmond programmed himself into redundancy when he automated his entire desk-job - and decided a career in software development would lead to more fun (and job security!).

Previously an optimistic hacker before he joined Sky, George loves solving complex problems with simple solutions and cool technology, deploying continuously and testing on an unsuspecting public.
Favourite words: 'simple', 'understandable', 'value' and 'experiment', least favourite: 'finished', 'architect' and 'plan'

Presentation: Working as a Startup when you're not a Startup

Track: Solutions Track Wednesday 1 / Time: Wednesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Westminster Suite

George shares his team's experience of having more fun and releasing better products in a large organisation by adopting a start-up mentality, experimenting with millions of users, releasing early and hourly, embracing disorder and uncertainty, while defeating hippos and agile antibodies along the way.