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Ruslan Meshenberg, Director of Engineering at Netflix

Ruslan Meshenberg

Biography: Ruslan Meshenberg

Ruslan Meshenberg is the Director of Engineering for Platform, Persistence and Metadata services at Netflix. Ruslan initiated and continues to lead the Netflix Open Source efforts that share infrastructure and tooling we developed for Cloud-native applications with others.

Twitter: @rusmeshenberg

Presentation: How Netflix Leverages Multiple Regions to Increase Availability: An Active-Active Case Study

Track: Next Gen Cloud / Time: Friday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Mountbatten Room

Netflix sought to increase availability beyond the capabilities of a single region. We walk you through the journey that Netflix underwent to redesign and operate our service to achieve this goal. Using the principles of isolation and redundancy, our destination is a fully redundant active-active deployment architecture where end users can be served out of multiple AWS regions. If one region fails, another can quickly take its place.
We'll cover real-world challenges we had to overcome, like near-real-time data replication, and the operational tools and best-practices we needed to develop to make it a success. Discover a whole new breed of monkeys we created to test multiregional resiliency scenarios.