Talk Submissions QCon London 2017


QCon does not have a call for papers per se. Instead, we reach out and invite our speakers. However, we do have a process for additional speakers to submit their talk ideas.

Guidelines for speakers for QCon
The following guidelines are what our track hosts use to assess speakers and talks.

Change and Innovation
Will your talk deliver a change in how the attendees will want to work, or knowledge of an important innovation that they will be recommending on their next project or to their peers?

Content of general Interest
Your presentation should be of general of interest to a broad audience, and isn’t tied to using a specific product. Product-agnostic talks attract a larger crowd and are much better received by our attendees.

Speaker bio
This is a key tool we use on the conference site and within the conference guides, to give attendees a quick understanding of why this speaker matters. Focus the description on your technical achievements, not necessarily your job title. Examples: Creator of Javascript, CTO of Mozilla, Netflix Cloud Director of Engineering, Lead of the MapReduce project, Co­Author, "Continuous Delivery", "Ran Reddit & Netflix Reliability Architect", "Creator Reactive Extensions, LINQ"

There is no formal deadline, we close the submissions once all the speaking slots have been filled out. If your presentation is selected, the Program Committee will get in touch with you. 

If you are interested, please submit your proposal for QCon London 2017 here: