Presentation: Disrupting the Banking Experience: Building a Mobile-Only Bank

Track: Next Gen Banking: It’s not all Blockchains and ICOs

Location: St James, 4th flr.

Duration: 5:25pm - 6:15pm

Day of week: Tuesday

Level: Intermediate

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Starling Bank is a mobile-only challenger bank offering a personal current account. After gaining our banking licence in July 2016 we delivered two fully featured apps (iOS and Android) to the public in less than a year. As a mobile-only bank, our mobile apps are the only way for customers to access their accounts so these apps are absolutely critical. How do we build our apps with the features people expect from their traditional banks but also provide innovations like savings goals and spending insights with limited time and engineers? In this talk, we will provide some insight into how we've built our mobile-banking apps and how we organise our teams to deliver new features, how we ensure that our applications remain robust through the iterations, the lessons we've learnt and what we are working towards.

Speaker: Yann Del Rey

Lead iOS Developer @StarlingBank

Yann is an iOS developer at Starling Bank. After working in a digital agency building banking apps for Clydesdale and Yorkshire, then being Head of mobile in couple startups, he decided to be part of building the new way of banking.

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Speaker: Teresa Ng

Android engineer @Starling Bank

Teresa is an Android engineer at Starling Bank. She wasn’t always an engineer. Before that she worked in Accounting and frustrated by how manual managing the financial ledgers of a large international corporation was even in the 21st century, she learnt to program and jumped into fintech. Lately she’s been involved in building new features for the Android application at Starling Bank and enjoys implementing new ideas quickly.

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