Architecting for Failure

Location: Fleming, 3rd flr.

Day of week: Wednesday

If you're not architecting for failure you're heading for failure

Track Host:
Peter Morgan
Chief Scientific Officer @Superbet

Peter works as Chief Scientific Officer of Superbet, a leading group of companies that operates and manages the largest chain of sports betting shops in Romania. Since its inception in 2008, Superbet brand has provided premium sports betting services for its customers in a fun, friendly and safe environment. The Group employs over 1,500 people and is among the most active employers in Bucharest and other large Romanian cities.

10:35am - 11:25am

by Jonas Bonér
Founder & CTO @Lightbend / Creator of Akka

Event-driven architecture and design have been getting a lot of attention in recent years. It’s an old concept that has been around for decades, so why this sudden peak of interest?

In this talk, we will explore the nature of events, what it means to be event-driven, and how we can unleash the power of events. The goal is to arm you with a solid theoretical understanding of how to design an event-driven system, what tools and...

11:50am - 12:40pm

by Conor Svensson
Founder of, author of web3j

In this talk I’ll be discussing some of the different approaches taken in the Ethereum blockchain for handling failure.
We’ll cover the public Ethereum blockchain and the steps taken to ensure a robust execution environment for this massively decentralised computer.
We’ll also talk about some of the challenges faced in private consortium network deployments and how the technology had been adapted to service different business needs.

1:40pm - 2:30pm

by Michael Maibaum
Chief Architect @SkyBet

Sky Sports Super 6 is a free football results prediction game, launched in 2008. It’s extremely popular with over a million entries per week and drives a substantial proportion of our traffic at peak time, putting heavy load on our login/single sign on systems. This talk will focus on the reality of adapting a complex set of interacting, highly coupled applications to make them more resilient and better able to cope with failure. I’ll also discuss how to manage the trade-offs of improving a...

2:55pm - 3:45pm

by Pablo Jensen
CTO @Sportradar

Architecting for Failure covers the challenges (both technical and organizational) of constantly improving service delivery of a growing global company with a 24x7x365 service redundancy requirement.

The talk focuses on best practices and lessons learned in building resilient systems. Topics discussed include: multi-cloud positioning, geo-location strategies, best-of-breed provider mix consideration, organizational structure/...

4:10pm - 5:00pm

by Tammy Butow
Principal Site Reliability Engineer @Gremlin

There are those of us that are motivated to build resilient systems, improve uptime, move fast and keep systems reliable. Then there are those of us who feel overwhelmed by our to-do lists and the features or projects we feel we need to get out the door.

The world needs more resilient systems because the world needs engineers in this for the long haul. We can create a better future for ourselves, those who come after us, our...