Presentation: ID Crisis! Take Back Control With Self-Sovereign

Track: Next Gen Banking: It’s not all Blockchains and ICOs

Location: Westminster, 4th flr.

Duration: 11:50am - 12:40pm

Day of week: Tuesday

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

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Tired of passwords? Concerned about who has your most personal data and how it is managed?

Personal data is expensive and risky for organisations to store and regulations are only going to become more onerous. What if we could put the control of an identity back in the hands of a user - only asking for it when we need it? Could Self-sovereign identity solutions address many of these issues?

In this talk, we discuss current issues and pain points with identity, regulation and privacy. We discuss the what of self-sovereign identity, how it fits with existing use cases and how you can achieve self-sovereign in your systems.

Speaker: Sharat Koya

Experiment Tech Lead & Architect @UBS

Last year Sharat joined the UBS Innovation Lab @Level 39, Europe’s largest FinTech Accelerator. There he helps to run experiments, work with startups and helps research technologies that could have future impacts financial services. He is also undertaking the Oxford University FinTech Programme.

At heart he is a technologist and has previously helped UBS become number one in Institutional Research as an IT architect helping to build systems and integrate vendor products. With 11 years of UBS banking IT experience he understands the enterprise requirements that are expected of FinTechs, vendors and in house solutions to meet the needs of modern business requirements.

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