Presentation: Corda: Looking Forward and Back, Blockchain on a JVM Stack

Track: Advances in FinTech

Location: Windsor, 5th flr.

Duration: 11:50am - 12:40pm

Day of week: Monday

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Blockchain, as originally designed by Satoshi Nakamoto, is perfect for censorship-resistant cash transfers – and completely unsuitable for enterprise use. In this talk, we'll discuss Corda, an open-source enterprise blockchain backed by a consortium of over 100 companies that was the fastest-growing blockchain by usage in 2018 according to Gartner. We'll look at how Corda's success depends on bold choices past (Kotlin, JVMs, pluggable consensus...), present (the non-profit Corda Foundation...) and future (hardware zero-knowledge proofs using SGX, building deterministic JVMs...).

Speaker: Carolyne Quinn

Associate Director @inside_r3 (R3)

Carolyne works on Corda Network at R3, an enterprise blockchain business. Her day to day work includes building out the Corda Network's governance (the Corda Network Foundation), customer onboarding and ongoing relationship management. She has an MBA from London Business School and a previous life working for 7 years at Accenture Strategy.

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Speaker: Cais Manai

Senior Associate @inside_r3 (R3)

I’ve been a developer since I was 16. Having no garage, unlike my American counterparts, I began developing small sites, hacks and MIRC scripts from the comfort of my bedroom.
My focus back then was pretty much the same as it is now - finding ways of using technology to solve annoying problems (except now I sometimes get paid to develop enterprise risk solutions for banks.)
Today, I’m a Developer Evangelist for Corda. I spend most of my time talking to developers about Corda and blockchain in general. I regularly speak, blog and produce videos about all aspects of Corda. (edited) 

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