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Optimise for Time

Time is the most precious commodity we have. One thing all great teams have in common is how they make use of theirs in their pursuit of excellence. This talk is about how to use time in a way that enables teams to improve by discussing some practical advice for how to get the most out of your time but also putting forward some principles to develop your own approaches.


Andrew Walker

Founder at Kraken Industries

Andy Walker has been doing software engineering for nearly 30 years. He is currently the founder of Kraken Industries and was previously at Google, Skyscanner, Netscape, Sony, IBM and various startups you'll never have heard of. For the last 10 years he's been fascinated by...

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Building High Performing Teams


LondonHigh Performing Teams


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How to Debug Your Team

What do you do when software is slow? You debug it. What do you do when your team is slow? Same thing! In this talk, I will tell stories about how I debugged teams at three companies - Stride, Bauer Xcel & Meetup, and the surprising & unintentional consequences of not giving teams what...

Lisa van Gelder

Senior VP Engineering @spring_health, former VP Engineering @Meetup

SESSION + Live Q&A Interview Available

Trust, the Secret Ingredient in High Performing Team

Building a high performing team had always been a hot topic in the software world. Have you ever wondered how you can play a part in it?    Trust is one of the few key ingredients in a high performance team, In fact, the most effective way to build trust with your peers, and managers,...

Jaycee Cheong

Site Reliability Engineer @immersivelabsuk

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My Team Is High Performing But Everyone Hates Us

Being part of a high performing team is supposed to be great. Everyone’s working together, perfectly aligned and in tune with each other, delivering what the stakeholders wants, in a company that appreciates them. Except it’s not always like that.This is a story about being part...

Stephen Janaway

Technology leaderĀ @BloomandWild

SESSION + Live Q&A Interview Available

How to Supercharge a Team With Delegation

Delegation is often overlooked as some boring management concept or the process of just telling someone what to do. However, it's much more than that. Getting delegation right can supercharge your team's productivity, increase autonomy and help people learn new skills.In this talk,...

James Stanier

VP Engineering @Brandwatch

SESSION + Live Q&A London

The Good the Bad the Ugly: Making Teams Perform Better

A case study on how a team of engineers and data scientists worked together for a year and became high performing by embracing change, improving day to day practices, breaking the walls between disciplines and overcoming many communication (and other!) challenges together.

Victoria Puscas

Engineering Manager - Pricing / Logistics Algorithms @Deliveroo

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