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AMA + Live Q&A

Coping with Complexity in Distributed Systems AMA w/ D. Yu & L. Maguire


Denise Yu

Senior Software Engineer @GitHub

Denise is a Senior Software Engineer at GitHub, currently working to help make the platform a safer and more inclusive place, as part of the Community & Safety Team. She speaks and runs workshops frequently at conferences in North America and Europe on topics ranging from scaling...

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Laura Maguire

Cognitive Systems Engineer & Researcher

Laura Maguire is a researcher producing human-centered design guidance for Her doctoral work studied distributed incident response practices in DevOps teams responsible for critical digital services. She was a researcher with the SNAFU Catchers Consortium from 2017-2020, and her...

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Modern CS & Architectures AMA w/ Julia Lawall & Akhilesh Gupta

Julia Lawall

Senior Researcher @Inria

Akhilesh Gupta

Sr. Staff Software Engineer @LinkedIn

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CTO and Founder @30Mhz

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Principal Engineer on data platform @BBC

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CTO / CEO @scalefactory

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