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Unlock the Full Power of Document Databases with Functional Programming

Document databases like DynamoDB and Couchbase are appreciated for their flexible database schemas. These databases allow users to easily change their data format according to business requirements, without having to adapt a table schema nor having to migrate your data as you would for relational databases. But how do we actually take advantage of this flexibility when programming? This talk builds on the flexibility of these document databases by using a functional programming approach to represent and manipulate data structures.

In particular, you will learn:

  • How documents can be directly represented in the Scala language without relying on frameworks or annotations.
  • Steps to match incremental schema design with appropriate data structure changes.
  • How to perform generative testing of business logic through the data structures.


Bas van Gijzel

Principal Developer Advocate @Couchbase

Bas van Gijzel is a principal developer advocate at Couchbase, where tries to improve the developer experience across the product. He has a background in advertising, finance and functional programming. Before becoming a software engineer, Bas was combining computational argumentation, type...

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Tuesday Apr 5 / 10:35AM BST (50 minutes)


Abbey, 4th flr.


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