Speaker: Richard James

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Ways of Working Enablement Leader @Nationwide Building Society

I've had the good fortune to have led transformational change within both consulting and industry, with a focus on creating sustainable changes in organisations I've worked with. My passion is for vision-setting and story-telling, building and nurturing empowered teams, fostering collaboration and sharing learnings. 

At Nationwide Building Society, I’ve loved my time in Transformation, Technology and Digital –and since 2020, it’s been my honour to lead the Society’s focus on organisation-wide business agility.  We are working hard to create an awesome Ways of Working Centre of Enablement – nurturing a community of passionate, courageous and curious learners across the Society, supported by a crew of in-house Enablement Specialists.

Session + Live Q&A

Optimising for Speed & Flow Panel

How do we join the dots between optimising for fast flow and a good engineering culture? How does a good engineering culture help organisations to sense and adapt? What technical and social practices does a good engineering culture need? What do we even mean by ‘a good engineering culture’? Why is this culture stuff always so hard?

Join the ‘Optimising for Speed and Fast Flow’ panellists - Emily Webber, Nick Tune, Richard James, and Victoria Morgan-Smith - for a lively discussion on how practices such as internal tech conferences, Communities of Practice, and a focus on psychological safety can help to foster a good engineering culture, enable diffuse learning, and begin to create learning organisations that are better able to sense and adapt to change.


Wednesday Apr 6 / 04:10PM BST (50 minutes)


Whittle, 3rd flr.


Optimising for Speed & Flow


High Performing Teams


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