The Interaction Between the Hybrid and Remote Working Revolution and Maintaining Our Mental Health

For many professionals within the technology sector, the way in which we work with one another is changing at a phenomenal rate. Whether working remotely or in a hybrid environment, many of us are now interacting within organisational systems that have transformed significantly over the last few years. 

As longer term research on this subject is still in its infancy, what can the available psychological literature tell us about how organisations, groups and individuals should approach hybrid and remote working to ensure mental health and well being (MHWB) is at optimum levels. 

In this presentation, and with the professional technology sector  in mind, we will:

  • Consider how our personality characteristics can influence how we may respond differently to remote / hybrid working environments.
  • Consider models of workplace stress within the context of remote / hybrid work.
  • Consider the critical role of leadership behaviours within the hybrid / remote workplace.
  • Take a closer look at the warning signs and symptoms when burnout is on the horizon.
  • Conclude with a closer overview of how Container Solutions has approached this area and what we have learnt; offering some practical suggestions for how we have prioritised MHWB as a business.


Helen Bartimote, C.Psychol

Principal Psychologist @Container Solutions,

Helen Bartimote, Principal Psychologist at Container Solutions, has worked as a Psychologist for over two decades after graduating with a Master’s degree in Organisational Psychology from The University of Manchester. 

She is a Chartered Member and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS), Registered Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). She is an accredited Tavistock Institute executive coach. Helen uses a holistic lens to view and work with organisations; considering the individual, group and systemic perspective to help create and support psychologically safe work cultures. 

Helen has worked as an Organisational Psychologist for both the private and public sector. Following the events of 9/11 she worked with the London Fire Emergency Planning Authority and Metropolitan Police Service. Moving on to working as a freelancer with clients such as PwC, KPMG and the Ministry of Defence. In 2019 she started working with a start-up cloud native consultancy called Container Solutions eventually taking on a full time psychologist role with them.

During her time in Container Solutions she has introduced various initiatives / systems to further support wellbeing and mental health. Implementing mental health awareness for managers and creating accessible systems of wellbeing support for all employees. Alongside this she has created multiple structured hiring processes, incorporating an extensive range of bespoke and psychometric assessments designed to predict probability of emotional intelligent behaviour at work. She has developed the high potential leadership programme (ELP)  introducing group coaching sessions for cohorts. 

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