Limited early birds tickets available now.

Exclusive offer for groups buying QCon London Online tickets

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Early bird pricing for In-person Conference (3 days)

Early bird pricing for Online ticket (on-demand access)


In-person Conference (3 days)

Access to 3 days of sessions, keynotes, peer-sharing and video on-demand


No early birds defined


All sessions and keynotes

Networking and peer sharing opportunities

Continental breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and socials

On-demand access to most presentations and slides

Social events & receptions

Slack Workspace for interacting with Attendees and Speakers during the conference week

Access to exhibitor area

Online ticket (on-demand access)

Access to most sessions on demand with dedicated live peer-sharing activities.


No early birds defined


On-demand access to most sessions and keynotes for 3 months

Online access to 3 live unconference sessions for group problem solving during the conference week

Slack Workspace for interacting with Attendees and Speakers during the conference week

Discounts have to be applied at the time of order and cannot be applied retroactively.

Please refer to the early bird pricing table for pricing changes and the date to which they apply.

*This is the percentage saved by purchasing a ticket today versus the full price charged at the conference.

The buyer will receive an invoice marked paid upon completion of payment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Please feel free to contact us with any questions at info [at]

Code of conduct

We expect all participants to follow our Code of Conduct to ensure that all QCon participants can enjoy a safe and productive environment. Please review our code of conduct before the conference.

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