Emerging Trends in the Frontend and Mobile Development

Users spend most of their time interacting with the front-end and mobile applications, and it is through those iterations that an application shapes the user's perception.

Investing in a modern front and mobile has never been more critical than before, both for users and from a developer experience approach. We are also seeing the rise of new frameworks driving deeper client and server integration, allowing front-end and mobile developers to leverage both advantages better. These new technologies equip developers with the tools to build more performant experiences, increase developer productivity, and deliver rich, interactive user experiences. On this track, speakers will discuss how to leverage these new frameworks and capabilities to create more flexible, faster, and engaging user applications.

From this track


Server-Driven UI for Mobile and Beyond

Details coming soon.

Speaker image - Christopher Luu
Christopher Luu

Staff Software Engineer @Netflix Specializing in Mobile


VR for UI Developers

Details coming soon.

Speaker image - Ian Thomas
Ian Thomas

Software Engineer @Meta, QCon London 2024 PC Chair


Wednesday Apr 10 / 10:35AM BST


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Track Host

Willian Martins

Web/Tv Eng @Netflix, @Devnaestrada Podcast Panelist, Former eBay, Foodora, @Tc39 Delegate & @mozTechSpeaker Member

Willian Martins has been involved in the tech industry since 2004, although he started working as a front-end developer in 2007. Despite having 15 years of experience in this field, he considers it to be more accurately described as three times five years of experience due to the constant changes in the front-end ecosystem.

Willian is currently employed as a TV and Web engineer at Netflix, having previously worked for companies such as eBay and Delivery Hero. He is also a former member of the Mozilla Tech Speaker team and a delegate of TC39. In his free time, Willian enjoys watching soccer and Formula 1, as well as playing video games.

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