Performance: Designing and Tuning

As engineers, performance becomes important for us for different reasons and at different times. For many years, performance was often ignored, we would be bailed out by computers getting cheaper and faster every year, but post Moore's Law this is no longer the case. Understanding performance engineering can be an amazing power, you can use it to cut costs or enable new features without making systems too expensive or unresponsive, and to enable fast responsive interfaces that customers love. However it remains a confusing area for many, with our intuition often being wrong, and there are many strategies that can be used, from optimizing single threaded performance to scaling up or scaling out, or using hardware such as GPUs. This track explores all of these directions in a practical way that will give you ideas to take home and use, and covers practical and cutting edge techniques.

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Adventures in Performance

Wednesday Mar 29 / 10:35AM BST

The end of the economical version of Moore's Law (exponential decrease in transistor unit costs), the advent of metered cloud computing, and the shift of the economy toward digital goods and SaaS-based business models has shifted performance engineering from the fringes ("CPU progress will fix it

Speaker image - Thomas Dullien
Thomas Dullien

Distinguished Engineer, Mathematician, World-Renowned Security Researcher

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Performance: Adventures in Thread-per-Core Async with Redpanda and Seastar

Wednesday Mar 29 / 11:50AM BST

Thread-per-core programming models are well known in software domains where latency is important.

Speaker image - John Spray
John Spray

Storage Engineering Lead, Formerly Redpanda, Inktank (Ceph), Whamcloud (Lustre)

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Providing a Personalized Experience to Millions of Users @BBC

Wednesday Mar 29 / 01:40PM BST

Personalization can be a very effective and impactful way for your organisation to attract new customers as well as to retain your existing customer base – if you get it right!

Speaker image - Manisha Lopes
Manisha Lopes

Principal Software Engineer @BBC

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Networks

Wednesday Mar 29 / 02:55PM BST

Networks, and the applications they support, sometimes treat each other as strangers.

Speaker image - Keith Winstein
Keith Winstein

Associate Professor of Computer Science and, by courtesy, of Electrical Engineering @Stanford

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WebGPU is Not Just About the Web

Wednesday Mar 29 / 04:10PM BST

Since OpenGL has been deprecated, writing portable native apps that leverage the massively parallel computing capabilities of GPUs has become tedious because no single graphics API can fit all targets.

Speaker image - Élie Michel
Élie Michel

Research Scientist @Adobe


Wednesday Mar 29 / 10:35AM BST


Track Host

Justin Cormack

CTO @Docker

Justin Cormack is the CTO at Docker, working on unikernels.

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