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Andy Piper, CTO at Push Technology

Andy Piper

Biography: Andy Piper

Dr Andy Piper recently joined the Push Technology team as Chief Technology Officer. Previously a Technical Director at Oracle Corporation, Andy has over 18 years experience working at the forefront of the technology industry. In his role at Oracle, Andy lead development for Oracle Complex Event Processing (OCEP) as well as driving global product strategy and innovation. Prior to Oracle, Andy was an architect for the WebLogic Server Core at BEA Systems, a provider of middleware infrastructure technologies.

Twitter: @andyp1per

Presentation: Principles of Reliable Communication & Shared State - What Can Go Wrong & Why You Should Care

Track: Everything you wanted to know about CS (but were afraid to ask) / Time: Wednesday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Fleming

In the current age of low cost server-farms, distributed computing architectures have become taken for granted. But what underpins these systems and how do they work? Do they, in fact "Just work" or are there cases where they don't work and do these cases affect you? Do you need to understand how these systems work in order to build better architectures?

In this session, I will describe some fundamentals of communicating reliably in an unreliable world. I will show how we can use such communication techniques to build distributed data structures that can tolerate failures. I will also look at what kind of failures can be be mitigated or even ignored.