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Aviran Mordo, Head of Back-end Engineering at Wix

Aviran Mordo

Biography: Aviran Mordo

Aviran is the head of back-end engineering at Wix. He has over 20 years of experience in the software industry and has filled many engineering roles and leading positions, from designing and building the US national Electronic Records Archives prototype to building the infrastructure that powers indeed.com, the leading job search engine in the world. Aviran is a tech-savvy and a technology blogger, with vast knowledge of internet technologies, software development, continuous delivery and a dev-centric culture advocate.

Twitter: @aviranm
Blog: aviransplace.com

Presentation: Wix Architecture at Scale

Track: Design to Exceed the Limit - High Scalable Architectures / Time: Friday 16:50 - 17:40 / Location: Fleming

When over 40M users host their website on Wix we need to handle both large scale traffic, lots of data and also to be highly available (after all we can’t let 40M websites to have down-time).

At Wix we handle over 700M HTTP requests per day to serve and edit websites.

In this talk I will go over Wix's architecture, how we evolved our system to be highly available even at the worst case scenarios when everything can break, how we built a self-healing eventual consistency system for website data distribution and will show some of the patterns we use that helps us render lots of websites while maintaining a relatively low number of servers.