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Halle Winkler, Voice-driven UX

Halle Winkler

Biography: Halle Winkler

Halle Winkler is the software developer and UX designer behind Berlin's Politepix, which produces OpenEars, the most popular offline speech recognition framework for iOS. She has worked in tech startups in the Silicons Alley, Valley and Allee since the days of Web .9 and has been preoccupied with human factors since day one.

Twitter: @Politepix

Presentation: An Unseen Interface: Creating Speech-driven UI for your App that makes Users Happy

Track: True Mobile & Beyond / Time: Friday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Elizabeth Windsor

Speech technology and mobile devices are a perfect match for each other, and this represents new territory for the art of the interface. This talk will give a high-level overview on the state of speech technology, examine the big opportunities in usability and new forms of usage that become available with speech interfaces in mobile apps, and then delve into practical considerations, including pitfalls to identify and then step briskly around. Emphasis will be on offline speech recognition and synthesis for fast interaction tasks such as complex command-and-control with spoken feedback, rather than generalized transcription tasks for the cloud. This talk will be generally platform-agnostic, with some specific examples given for Cocoa Touch for illustration purposes.