Presentation: Developing a Monitoring Philosophy

Track: Solutions Track III

Location: Westminster, 4th flr.

Duration: 4:10pm - 5:00pm

Day of week: Wednesday

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How should one approach monitoring in an organization? Observability and monitoring tends to be an afterthought in many situations. Even if there are dedicated teams, they may not be properly resourced and funded - leading to piecemeal approaches and point solutions. As organizations grow and infrastructures evolve and move to the cloud, monitoring becomes serious business and not having a good overall monitoring strategy may cost you dearly. We will discuss why monitoring is important and the many requirements and challenges modern monitoring needs to address. These include a wide range of topics starting from diverse environments (clouds, containers, FaaS), DevOps practices (CI/CD, automation), business use cases (capacity planning and optimization, birds eye view, SLA management)  to organizational and people related (usability, adoption, resilience to misuse). The purpose of this discussion is to help organizations develop a holistic philosophy around monitoring, and a practical approach that ensures critical capabilities and prevents some common pitfalls.

Speaker: Arijit Mukherji

CTO @SignalFx

Arijit Mukherji is CTO at SignalFx and one of the original developers of Facebook’s metrics solution (ODS). He subsequently managed the development of Facebook’s networking tools, data visualization, and other infrastructure monitoring software. He has been focused on the monitoring space for more than a decade, in a career that has also spanned IP telephony, VoIP conferencing, and network virtualization.

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