Presentation: DevOps 2.0 - When Everyone Can Run What’s Built

Track: Solutions Track II

Location: Westminster, 4th flr.

Duration: 2:55pm - 3:45pm

Day of week: Tuesday

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The cultural change of “DevOps” beyond just developers and operations is just at the beginning.

  • What happens when an entire organization changes from shipping once a year to once a month, then multiple times a month, week or even daily?
  • How do developers approach a sprint when their code can be live in real time?
  • How does product management change when features can evolve daily?
  • How does marketing change when the features of tomorrow can be immediately influenced by response to messaging today?

We’re at the very beginning of thinking of code as a living object instead of a static file thrown over the wall.

Speaker: Edith Harbaugh

CEO & co-founder @LaunchDarkly

Edith Harbaugh is CEO & co-founder of LaunchDarkly. She has more than 15 years of experience in software engineering, including at the #1 travel app, TripIt. She is cohost of "To Be Continuous", a podcast on software trends by and a columnist for ReadWrite. She holds two patents in deployment. Edith earned a BS, Engineering from Harvey Mudd College.

Find Edith Harbaugh at

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