Presentation: Have Your Cake and Strong Consistency, too

Track: Solutions Track III

Location: Westminster, 4th flr.

Duration: 1:40pm - 2:30pm

Day of week: Wednesday

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Can you really have your cake and eat it, too? Is there such a thing as a truly fast system of record or an enterprise system of engagement? To get high performance the trade-off has been to forgo strong consistency. Aerospike 4.0 Hybrid Memory Architecture (HMA), leveraging the latest in NVMe and 3D NAND flash, has delivered strong consistency without compromising on performance while continuing to be secure, reliable and highly scalable.

Unique business cases have evolved including:

  • Capital markets mainframe modernization and off-loading
  • Calculating portfolio risk metrics on a continual basis for a retail bank
  • Fraud detection on credit card processing with 30x better SLAs
  • Extremely high scale billing and charging systems in the Telco space
  • Maintaining campaign spend for real-time bidding in the AdTech industry

Speaker: Thad Omura

Executive vice president @ScaleFlux

Mr. Thad Omura is the executive vice president of ScaleFlux responsible for worldwide marketing and is a leading evangelist for Computational Storage. Thad has a proven record in driving startups to IPO and high-value acquisitions, and has also previously served in executive roles at Seagate, SandForce, and Mellanox.

Find Thad Omura at

Speaker: Brian Bulkowski

CTO and CO-Founder @Aerospike

Brian has more than 25 years of experience in the Silicon Valley as a team leader, architect, and senior manager, entirely in the area of large-scale server infrastructures (commodity routers at Novell, video servers at Starlight Networks, large-scale broadband at Liberate, and distributed computation at Aggregate Knowledge).

Find Brian Bulkowski at

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