Presentation: Reinventing

Track: JavaScript and Beyond: The Future of the Frontend

Location: Windsor, 5th flr.

Duration: 1:40pm - 2:30pm

Day of week: Tuesday

Level: Intermediate

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The npm website has some catching up to do. It began as the homepage for a fledgling open source project and it has grown to become the foremost resource for over 600,000 packages in the npm registry. It now needs to keep up with the expectations of modern users and evolve into something better.
This talk uncovers the process of architecting the new website, and examines how the changing landscape of development tooling has shaped it throughout its lifetime. It will also address the challenges tools must address in the near-future, and how we hope our experience building the new website can help the wider community.


What is the focus of your work today?


Developing npm’s websites and services.


What’s the motivation for this talk?


I want to shine a light on tools that reduce friction between developers and ask what it is that makes them useful. The website is going through a significant rewrite, so this is a good opportunity to reflect on this topic.


How you you describe the persona and level of the target audience?


Front end developers with some experience working with developer tools.


What do you “that” persona to walk away from your talk knowing that they might not have known 50 minutes before?


An improved awareness of the strengths of tools like WebPack, React, Redux and jQuery, and how to use those strengths responsibly.


What trend in the next 12 months would you recommend an early adopter/early majority SWE to pay particular attention to?


Don’t focus on new trends. Concentrate on doing your job better now.

Speaker: Katie Fenn

Software Engineer @npm

Katie Fenn is a software engineer at npm. She works with all aspects of the web, particularly JavaScript, CSS, Node.JS and ops. When not at her desk, she is usually in the pool or on her bike in the Peak District.

Find Katie Fenn at

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