Presentation: Tech Ethics in Action Panel

Track: Tech Ethics in Action

Location: St James, 4th flr.

Duration: 2:55pm - 3:45pm

Day of week: Wednesday

Level: Intermediate

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Speaker: Kavita Kapoor

Find Kavita Kapoor at

Speaker: Yanqing Cheng

Software Development Manager @metaswitch

Yanqing Cheng is a software development manager at Metaswitch, where she works on high-scale networking systems software.  Networking technology is an exciting mix of forward-looking ideas with decades-old protocols, which provide insights into the constant balancing act between innovation and stability.  Yanqing has 5 years of experience in the industry and comes from a mathematical background.  Outside work, she is interested in machine learning and future tech, and is also an avid Lindy Hop dancer.

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Speaker: Tim Kadlec

Performance consultant and trainer

Tim is a developer, consultant and trainer focused on building a web everyone can use. He is the author of High Performance Images (O'Reilly, 2016) and Implementing Responsive Design: Building sites for an anywhere, everywhere web (New Riders, 2012), and was a contributing author for Smashing Book #4: New Perspectives on Web Design (Smashing Magazine, 2013), and the Web Performance Daybook Volume 2 (O'Reilly, 2012). He writes about all things web at You can find him sharing his thoughts in a briefer format on Twitter at @tkadlec.

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Speaker: Alexander Steinhart

Psychologist, Technologist @ThoughtWorks

Alexander lives and works in Berlin and has a rather interesting background in psychology as well as technology.

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Speaker: Gareth Rushgrove

Product Manager @Docker

Gareth Rushgrove is a product manager at Docker. He works remotely
from Cambridge, UK, helping to build interesting tools for people to
better manage infrastructure and applications. Previously he worked
for the UK Government Digital Service focused on infrastructure,
operations and information security. When not working he can be found
writing the Devops Weekly newsletter or hacking on software in
new-fangled programming languages.

Find Gareth Rushgrove at

Speaker: Theo Schlossnagle

Founder and CEO @Circonus, Editorial board of ACM's ‘Queue’

Theo founded Circonus in 2010, and continues to be its principal architect. After earning undergraduate and graduate degrees from Johns Hopkins University in computer science with a focus on graphics and randomized algorithms in distributed systems, he went on to research resource allocation techniques in distributed systems during four years of post-graduate work. A widely respected industry thought leader, Theo is the author of Scalable Internet Architectures (Sams), has contributed to several other published works, and is a frequent speaker at worldwide IT conferences. Theo is a computer scientist in every respect. Theo is a member of the IEEE and a distinguished member of the ACM. He serves on the editorial board of the ACM's Queue Magazine and ACM's Practitioner Board.

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Speaker: Jenny Mulholland

Woman in tech @softwireuk

Over the last 10 years Jenny has held many different roles in tech, including developer, test lead, project manager, and technical pre-sales.
Currently a technical account manager at Softwire, Jenny specialises in the public sector - a sector which is increasingly recognising the value of diversity, inclusion, and new ways of attracting top talent, all areas which Jenny is passionate about.
In her spare time Jenny is also a local councillor in Camden.

Find Jenny Mulholland at

Speaker: Anne Currie

Chief Strategist @containersoluti (Container Solutions)

Anne Currie has been in the tech industry for over 20 years working on everything from Microsoft Back Office Servers in the 90's to international online lingerie in the 00's to cutting edge devops and the impact of orchestrated containers in the 10's. Anne has co-founded tech startups in the productivity, retail and devops spaces. She currently works in London for Container Solutions.

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