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Presentation: Open Source Developers Are Security’s New Front Line


Location: Henry Moore, 4th flr.

Duration: 2:55pm - 3:45pm

Day of week: Monday

Slides: Download Slides


Bad actors have recognised the power of open source and are now beginning to create their own attack opportunities. This new form of assault, where OSS project credentials are compromised and malicious code is intentionally injected into open source libraries, allows hackers to poison the well. In this session, Ilkka will explain how both security and developers must work together to stop this trend. Or, risk losing the entire open source ecosystem.

  • Analyse, and detail, the events leading to today’s “all-out” attack on the OSS industry
  • Define what the future of open source looks like in today’s new normal
  • Outline how developers can step into the role of security, to protect themselves, and the millions of people depending on them

Speaker: Ilkka Turunen

Global Director, Pre-Sales Engineering @Sonatype

Ilkka Turunen is the Global Director of Pre-sales Engineering at Sonatype. His background is in software and systems engineering, acting as an architect for several commercial projects. He's helped define everything from the software design to webscale infrastructure architectures and regularly works with companies across the world to understand and improve their software supply chain and continuous delivery pipelines.

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