Track: When Things Go Wrong: GDPR, Ethics, & Politics

Location: Windsor, 5th flr.

Day of week: Monday

Privacy, confidentiality, safety and security: learning from the frontlines, from both good and bad experiences

Track Host: Doug Talbot

Head of Organisational Effectiveness @Ocado

Doug Talbot is currently the Head of Organisational Effectiveness for Ocado Technology. He leads a team whose mandate is to catalyse improvements in anything that might assist “creating great teams made of great people that create great products to change the way the world shops”. This often means using a systems thinking lens to create change in culture, building the right thing and building it right. The team is distributed across development centres in four countries. The team thinks both locally and centrally stealing ideas from many disciplines (lean, agile, data, psychology, hr, training, networks … ). Doug acts as a central thinker, and direction setter for this team of Catalysts. Doug has been transforming organisational culture, structure and technology for over a decade. He believes in creative and innovative change through empowering learning culture and lean thinking. He has led and transformed groups within science, government, banking and retail. Doug has previously spoken at conferences on lean culture, organisational transformation, measuring the right thing, trust building for great teams, core agile and agile testing.

10:35am - 11:25am

Climate Change & Tech, Good and Bad Bedfellows

Session details to follow.

Paul Johnston, CEO @roundaboutlabs

11:50am - 12:40pm

How We Built a Generative Culture at Redgate

Creating an environment where teams have a high sense of ownership and aren’t afraid to take risks is one of the keys to creating a fantastic Product-centric culture. This talk will introduce you Westrum model of culture and (more importantly!) we’ll share some practical steps that Redgate has taken to improve the way we build products by building a generative culture.

Jeff Foster, Head of Product Engineering @redgate

1:40pm - 2:30pm

When Things Go Wrong Open Space

Details to follow.

2:55pm - 3:45pm

Managing for Mental Wellbeing in the Tech Industry

How many employees are in your company? Multiply that number by 1300. Now put a pound sign in front of it. That’s how much your business is losing to mental ill-health annually. Technology is the easy part, it’s the human beings behind the tech that are tricky. The pace at which the tech industry moves and the pressure to deliver, can leave staff struggling to keep up. Long hours and high levels of critical decision making take their toll. A project may be delivered today at the expense of tomorrow. There is a pressure sweet spot that can keep staff engaged at a sustainable level, optimising their performance and wellbeing. You don’t need to be a therapist to influence a person’s mental health for the better. In this session delegates will learn about the impact of mental ill-health in the workplace, how to manage mental ill-health as an employer, and how to engineer occupational psychosocial factors for optimal performance.

Michelle O'Sulivan, Psychologist & Researcher - Mental Health in the Workplace

4:10pm - 5:00pm

When Things Go Wrong

Details to follow.

5:25pm - 6:15pm

DevOps Is More Complex and Harder Than You Think. Personal Lessons.

Patrick pioneered the concept and actually wrote the book on DevOps, but it hasn't all been simple even for him. DevOps is inherently complex and with some many things to consider there are many risks and things that can be missed or go wrong. Patrick lets us in on his personal lessons and stories to help you not make the same mistakes.

Patrick Debois, Original DevOps Pioneer, Co-author of the DevOps Handbook


  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About

    Hard-earned lessons from the names you know on scalability, reliability, security, and performance.

  • Machine Learning: The Latest Innovations

    AI and machine learning is more approachable than ever. Discover how ML, deep learning, and other modern approaches are being used in practice.

  • Kubernetes and Cloud Architectures

    Learn about cloud native architectural approaches from the leading industry experts who have operated Kubernetes and FaaS at scale, and explore the associated modern DevOps practices.

  • Evolving Java

    JVM futures, JIT directions and improvements to the runtimes stack is the theme of this year’s JVM track.

  • Next Generation Microservices: Building Distributed Systems the Right Way

    Microservice-based applications are everywhere, but well-built distributed systems are not so common. Early adopters of microservices share their insights on how to design systems the right way.

  • Chaos and Resilience: Architecting for Success

    Making systems resilient involves people and tech. Learn about strategies being used, from cognitive systems engineering to chaos engineering.

  • The Future of the API: REST, gRPC, GraphQL and More

    The humble web-based API is evolving. This track provides the what, how, and why of future APIs.

  • Streaming Data Architectures

    Today's systems move huge volumes of data. Hear how the innovators in this space are designing systems and leveraging modern data stream processing platforms.

  • Modern Compilation Targets

    Learn about the innovation happening in the compilation target space. WebAssembly is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Leaving the Ivory Tower: Modern CS Research in the Real World

    Thoughts pushing software forward, including consensus, CRDT's, formal methods & probabilistic programming.

  • Bare Knuckle Performance

    Crushing latency and getting the most out of your hardware.

  • Leading Distributed Teams

    Remote and distributed working are increasing in popularity, but many organisations underestimate the leadership challenges. Learn from those who are doing this effectively.

  • Driving Full Cycle Engineering Teams at Every Level

    "Full cycle developers" is not just another catch phrase; it's about engineers taking ownership and delivering value, and doing so with the support of their entire organisation. Learn more from the pioneers.

  • JavaScript: Pushing the Client Beyond the Browser

    JavaScript is not just the language of the web. Join this track to learn how the innovators are pushing the boundaries of this classic language and ecosystem

  • When Things Go Wrong: GDPR, Ethics, & Politics

    Privacy, confidentiality, safety and security: learning from the frontlines, from both good and bad experiences

  • Growing Unicorns in the EU: Building, Leading and Scaling Financial Tech Start Ups

    Learn how EU FinTech innovators have designed, built, and led both their technologies and organisations.

  • Building High Performing Teams

    There are many discussions outlining the secret sauce of high-performing teams. Learn how to balance the essential ingredients of high performing teams such as trust and delegation, as well as recognising the pitfalls and problems that will ruin any recipe.

  • Scaling Security, from Device to Cloud

    Implementing effective security is vitally important, regardless of where you are deploying software applications