Speaker: Alex Hardman

He / him / his

Inventor, Technologist, and Engineer @LaunchDarkly

Alex Hardman (he/him) is an inventor, technologist, and engineer who spent more than a decade transforming engineering teams in large enterprises before joining LaunchDarkly. He has led teams through building mission critical systems at Liberty Mutual and Capital One and directed modernization moves to the cloud, focusing on serverless, to support the confidence and capabilities of teams and people in the process. Alex embodies his passion for software by mentoring and teaching others about new techniques and technologies and leading the charge toward improving our outcomes. As a person with ADHD, he values making the complicated uncomplicated and helping make cloud technology accessible to developers from all walks of life.


Raising the Bar on Resilience: Designing Systems for Resilience at Scale Using Feature Flags

Recent years have demonstrated that the scale required of our systems is anything but predictable. Moreover, when systems become overwhelmed they often fail spectacularly rather than discreetly.

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Monday Mar 27 / 10:35AM BST ( 50 minutes )


Westminster (4th Fl.)


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