Speaker: Jitesh Gosai

Principal Tester @BBC

Jitesh Gosai has 20 years of experience, working with various companies enabling them to build, test and release at scale. He is currently a Principal Tester at the BBC in the iPlayer & Sounds department, working with Mobile, TV and Web teams.  His core aim is to create a Quality Culture by helping teams build quality into their products. In his free time, he likes to speak about his experiences at conferences all over Europe and blogs regularly at https://www.jitgo.uk/blog and tweets @jitgo 

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Psychological Safety for Staff+ Engineers

Psychological safety is fundamental for successful teams as it allows people to take risks and feel confident that no one on the team would embarrass or punish anyone else for admitting mistakes, asking questions or offering new ideas.

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Monday Mar 27 / 11:50AM BST ( 50 minutes )


Whittle (3rd Fl.)


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