Track Host: Mehrnoosh Sameki

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Principal PM Manager @Microsoft

Mehrnoosh Sameki is a principal PM manager at Microsoft, where she leads emerging Responsible AI technology and tools and for the Azure Machine Learning platform. She has cofounded Error AnalysisFairlearn and Responsible AI Toolbox and has been a contributor to the InterpretML offering. She earned her PhD degree in computer science at Boston University, where she currently serves as an adjunct assistant professor, offering courses in responsible AI. Previously, she was a data scientist in the retail space, incorporating data science and machine learning to enhance customers’ personalized shopping experiences.


Emerging AI and Machine Learning Trends

Discover how to operationalize machine learning applications that are scalable, secure, and interpretable.


Wednesday Mar 29 / 10:35AM BST



Responsible AI: From Principle to Practice!

Enabling responsible development of artificial intelligent technologies is one of the major challenges we face as the field moves from research to practice. Researchers and practitioners from different disciplines have highlighted the ethical and legal challenges posed by the use of machine learn

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Wednesday Mar 29 / 01:40PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Mountbatten (6th Fl.)


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