Speaker: Michael Brunton-Spall

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Deputy Director Cyber Policy and Solutions @Cabinet Office

Michael is Deputy Director of Cyber Policy and Capabilities in the Government Security Group within the Cabinet Office.  Michael has been working in Government for over a decade now, having joined the Government Digital Service shortly after the launch of GOV.UK, and worked on securing government transformation during adoption of cloud, agile and devops movements.

Michael has built software in a variety of industries, from embedded systems to real time trading systems, games consoles to large content management systems.  He has been a regular speaker at international conferences on the topics of Agile, DevOps, Security and Technical Architecture for nearly 10 years now.  Michael is a published author and recognised expert in cybersecurity, and he still writes code when someone lets him.


Beyond the Breach: Proactive Defense in the Age of Advanced Threats

This talk will cover some of the most advanced attacks that are in the public domain, mostly attributed in public by commercial organizations.  This talk will give a whirlwind tour of some of the high end of threat activity to set out a context of changing cybersecurity landscape.

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Wednesday Apr 10 / 01:35PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Mountbatten (6th Fl.)


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