Speaker: Neha Pawar

She / her / hers

Founding Engineer @StarTree

Neha Pawar is a Founding Engineer at StarTree (https://www.startree.ai/), which aims to democratize data for all users by providing real-time, user-facing analytics. Prior to this, she was part of LinkedIn's Data Analytics Infrastructure org for 5 years, working on Apache Pinot & ThirdEye. She is passionate about big data technologies and real-time analytics databases.

Neha is an Apache Pinot PMC and Committer. She has made numerous impactful contributions to Apache Pinot, with a focus on storage optimizations, tiered storage, real time streaming integrations and ingestion. She actively fosters the growing Apache Pinot community & loves to evangelize Pinot by making entertaining video tutorials & illustrations.

When not sipping Pinot, you can find Neha painting or hiking with her dogs.


Speed of Apache Pinot at the Cost of Cloud Object Storage with Tiered Storage

For real-time analytics, you need systems that can provide ultra low latency (milliseconds) and extremely high throughput (hundreds of thousands of queries per second).

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Monday Mar 27 / 11:50AM BST ( 50 minutes )


Mountbatten (6th Fl.)


Apache Pinot data access real-time analytics storage