Speaker: Pia Nilsson

Director of Engineering @Spotify

Pia Nilsson is the Platform Developer Experience (PDX) lead at Spotify. She started her career off as a backend engineer for 14 years working across telecom, pharma, retail, banking and gaming. Half of that time was spent as a self employed contractor, where she began recognizing patterns in the challenges engineers were experiencing. This interest and strong belief that teams can be more effective and have more fun(!) led her to focus more and more on platform-oriented work. She was an early adopter of devops principles and pair-programming, and also led classes in clean code and test driven development. Pia joined Spotify to lead the CI (Continuous Integration) platform and gradually expanded into other domains connected to developer experience and effectiveness. She led the team that built Backstage, where her focus was to increase the speed of iteration so that Spotify could build products faster. She continues to lead that team while also working to create an exceptional developer experience through the tools and infrastructure her team provides to every engineer at Spotify.


Everything Is a Plugin: How the Backstage Architecture Helps Platform Teams at Spotify and Beyond Spread Ownership and Deliver Value

Back in 2014, platform engineers at Spotify identified a problem: the number of internal tools was growing rapidly, and as a result engineers around the company were struggling to find the tools and information they needed to work efficiently.

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Monday Apr 8 / 03:55PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Fleming (3rd Fl.)