Speaker: Sarah Hsu

SRE @Goldman Sachs & Training Project Chair @Green Software Foundation

Sarah is a Site Reliability Engineer at Goldman Sachs. Sarah is working on a distributed platform in Google Cloud that will support the Global Markets' trading business. Sarah started a grassroots effort in GS to tackle sustainability in engineering and is the organisation lead for GS with the Green Software Foundation. Sarah is also the chair of the Principle’s project for the GSF. Recently, the group and the Linux Foundation launched a free online educational course, Green Software for Practitioners (LFC131), to help software practitioners build, run and maintain greener applications. She would like to see green software becoming an integral part of the educational curriculum for anyone learning to code.


Architecture with Sustainability in Mind

Why is sustainability in tech such a hot topic right now? It's not just because the cloud has a bigger carbon footprint than the airline industry, nor because technology will only get more integrated into our society - but how software engineers should be part of the climate solution. In this track, you will learn how to architect your software systems with sustainability in mind, starting with an overview of the rapidly emerging green software engineering, then the deep-dives into the real-world applications of sustainability best practices. Next, there will be a retrospect of the realization of the climate benefits of performance optimization, before wrapping up with a candid panel on the next steps of accelerating net-zero commitments across industries.  Throughout the day, you will hear from various industries ranging from financial services to public cloud providers, and finally a non-profit: Green Software Foundation.


Wednesday Mar 29 / 10:35AM BST



Panel: What’s next? Net-Zero Commitments?

Sustainability has been deemed the greatest challenge of all time for many generations, yet, we have reached any substantial progress to defeat it. This is true across many industries, including the software sector.

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Wednesday Mar 29 / 02:55PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Westminster (4th Fl.)