Speaker: Spyros Gasteratos

Founder @Ocurity, Principal Security Engineer, Maintainer of opencre.org & github.com/ocurity/Dracon, 15+ Years Experience in Security

Spyros has over 15 years of experience in the security world. Since the beginning of his career he has been an avid supporter and contributor of open source software and an OWASP volunteer. Currently he is interested in the harmonization of security tools and information and is currently helping Fintechs setup and automate large parts of their AppSec programmes. He also maintains several Open Source projects including the security automation framework Dracon, and opencre.org, the worlds largest security knowledge graph. Also, he usually doesn’t speak about himself in the third person.

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From Anti-Patterns to Best Practices: A Practical Guide to DevSecOps Automation and Security

In the modern DevSecOps landscape, teams often struggle to achieve more with fewer resources, leading to the development of counterproductive habits. These habits can significantly hinder the ability to establish effective security programs.

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Wednesday Apr 10 / 03:55PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Mountbatten (6th Fl.)