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Past Presentations

Introducing and Scaling a GraphQL BFF

In 2020, many developers are sold on GraphQL, and are choosing to introduce it to their codebase in the form of a "Backend For Frontend" API. But what happens next? After a year or two in production, this GraphQL BFF might need to scale to serve more than just a single application.This...

Michelle Garrett Software Engineer @CondeNast
Panel: How to Make the Future Become Your Present

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller    Software development moves pretty fast. What's new and amazing one moment is old and boring the next. How do you keep up with all the changes, and figure...

Mark Rendle Co-Author of gRPC for WCF Developers and Creator @VisualRecode
Richard Li Founder and CEO @datawireio
Michelle Garrett Software Engineer @CondeNast
Moving Beyond Request-Reply: How Smart APIs Are Different

Integrating microservices or other components is hard, as it involves taming distributed systems. New API technologies are great, but can't magically solve all underlying challenges. This talk distills real-life experiences around typical architecture patterns. You will understand why you...

Bernd Ruecker Co-founder and chief technologist @Camunda
The Future of Cloud Native API Gateways

The introduction of microservices, Kubernetes, and cloud technology has provided many benefits for developers. However, the age-old problem of getting user traffic routed correctly to the API of your backend applications can still be an issue, and may be complicated with the adoption of cloud...

Richard Li Founder and CEO @datawireio
Building a Composable Enterprise with APIs and Product Thinking

A composable enterprise is an organisation that can rapidly move to create and improve processes, applications and new digital customer offerings. Achieving this is a combination of organisational and technical challenges. We will look at how building and managing APIs within an organisation can...

Paul Fremantle Co-founder @wso2
Building Reliability In An Unreliable World

GameSparks is a globally-distributed Backend-as-a-Service platform that serves tens of billions of API requests per month for hundreds of live games which have tens of millions of active users, hundreds of thousands of whom are concurrently connected at any one time. All of our players connect...

Greg Murphy Chief Architect, Infrastructure & Operations @GameSparks


Chris Biscardi Product Engineer @Honeycomb

Parallelizing Product Development with GraphQL

What are you doing these days? 

I work at Honeycomb, improving people's access to observervability. I work on product and anything related to the product. I'll go visit customers and help them do integrations, or I will change the UI or change the way that we're doing the data fetching. Things like that.

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Richard Li Founder and CEO @datawireio

The Future of Cloud Native API Gateways

What's the work you're doing today?

I'm focused on helping organizations understand the evolution of the software development lifecycle or the dev loop as they move to the cloud and Kubernetes. We’ve found that there are a tremendous amount of changes in this journey, especially around how you think about exposing your services at the edge with API gateways.

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