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Tasty 'Topics' for Distributed Systems

Are you struggling to pick through large amounts of real time data? Does your IoT project create vast amounts of data and you don’t know how get actionable insights quickly enough? Did you consider the publish/subscribe pattern? With some imagination, pub/sub can often provide surprisingly...

Tom Fairbairn Systems Architect @Solace
Drowning in Data, Thirsting for Insight

Welcome to the digital era where customer experience management grows more dependent on more data from more sources every day, making issues harder to detect, harder to investigate and diagnose, and harder to resolve quickly. We know that data proliferation will only accelerate, so our industry...

Mehdi Daoudi CEO & Co-Founder @Catchpoint
Streaming SQL Foundations: Why I ❤ Streams+Tables

What does it mean to execute robust streaming queries in SQL? What is the relationship of streaming queries to classic relational queries? Are streams and tables the same thing conceptually, or different? And how does all of this relate to the programmatic frameworks like we’re all familiar...

Tyler Akidau Engineer @Google & Founder/Committer on Apache Beam
Osiris: When Big Data Is Too Big for HBase

As the #1 job site in the world, Indeed delivers hundreds of millions of searches per day to job seekers. To give our users the best experience possible, we analyze petabytes of data per day for machine learning, A/B testing, and reporting.Learn how the Search Quality team at Indeed developed...

Josh Slocum Software Engineer @Indeed
Bad Science, Better Data

Idiot cheerleaders wave their hands about medical data and promise the world. True nerds know the opportunities, but also the pitfalls. Analyses can be flawed by design. Bad governance can stifle innovation while also losing public trust for a generation. Money can be hosed away on shiny...

Ben Goldacre Award-winning Writer, Broadcaster, Doctor, Academic and Campaigner

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