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Kubernetes is Not Your Platform, It's Just the Foundation

Kubernetes helps us tame sprawling microservices architectures and address increased operational complexity. Kubernetes gives developers abstractions and APIs to deploy and run their services. But there is a price to pay in terms of both the in-house operational expertise required and the...

Manuel Pais IT Organizational Consultant and co-author of Team Topologies
The Evolution of Distributed Systems on Kubernetes

Cloud native applications of the future will consist of hybrid workloads: stateful applications, batch jobs, stateless microservices, functions, (and maybe something else too) wrapped as Linux containers and deployed via Kubernetes on any cloud. Functions and the so-called serverless computing...

Bilgin Ibryam Product Manager and former Architect @RedHat
Taming Distributed Stateful Pets With Kubernetes

So you've mastered Kubernetes for scheduling and scaling your stateless applications. Your pager has been quieter, life is good. But what about the carefully configured database clusters running on expensive dedicated infrastructure? (And the expensive sysadmin you're paying to maintain it!). In...

Matthew Bates Co-founder at UK Kubernetes Company Jetstack
James Munnelly Solutions Engineer @Jetstack
Tools to Put Deep Learning Models in Production

While there are a lot of machine learning frameworks and libraries available, putting the models in production at large scale is still a challenge. I’d like to talk about how we took on the challenge of supporting the data scientists with their efforts by making it easy to put their models in...

Sahil Dua Developer at Booking.com; Open Source Contributor in DuckDuckGo, GitHub and Pandas
Optimizing For Production Workloads

Breaking down the containers runtimes into their base functionality and then building them up into a series or core libraries and tools to specialize in core capabilities. Our goal is, rather then have one monolithic daemon to do all container management, to build up a series of tools that...

Daniel Walsh Engineer @Redhat working on CRI-O Container Runtime
Samuel Ortiz Principal Engineer @Intel Open Source Technology Center
Delivering Data Persistence and More in Kubernetes

There is growing fervor to build every application with containers. While the goal of containers is to be disposable and immutable many application layers still require information to persist beyond the state of the container. This presents a significant challenge in expanding the number of...

Josh Atwell Developer Advocate @NetApp


Katie Gamanji Cloud Platform Engineer @AmericanExpress, former @condenastint

Interoperability of Open-Source Tools: The Emergence of Interfaces 

What is the work you’re doing today?

I am a Cloud Platform Engineer for American Express. Currently, I am part of the team that aims to transmogrify the current platform by embracing the cloud native principles and making the best use of the open-source tools.

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Bilgin Ibryam Product Manager and former Architect @RedHat

The Evolution of Distributed Systems on Kubernetes

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you are currently working on.

I currently work for Red Hat as a Product Manager. I look after Data Integration and how data integration might look like in a cloud native world. Everything is moving on Kubernetes and OpenShift including data. I look after projects such as Debezium for Change Data Capture, Data Virtualization and helping drive the roadmap.

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