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Resilient Real-Time Data Streaming Across the Edge and Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud architectures are the new black for most companies. A cloud-first strategy is evident for many new enterprise architectures, but some use cases require resiliency across edge sites and multiple cloud regions. Data streaming with the Apache Kafka ecosystem is a perfect technology for...

Kai Waehner Field CTO @Confluentinc
The Scientific Method for Testing System Resilience

Do you remember the Scientific Method from elementary school science class? It's time to dust off that knowledge and use it to your advantage to test your IT systems! In this session, you'll be re-introduced to the Scientific Method, and learn how Vanguard's software engineers and IT...

Christina Yakomin Senior Site Reliability Engineering Specialist @Vanguard_Group
How to Test Your Fault Isolation Boundaries in the Cloud

Will my system keep working when a server fails? When a data center goes offline? When a service dependency is unavailable?Availability calculations for redundant components require that those components are independent and autonomous of each other. But modern day systems are complex, exhibiting...

Jason Barto Principal Solutions Architect @AWS


Christina Yakomin Senior Site Reliability Engineering Specialist @Vanguard_Group

The Scientific Method for Testing System Resilience

Christina, what is the focus of your work these days?

Right now, my primary focus is the staffing, onboarding and subsequent education of site reliability engineers for Vanguard. So I handle everything from what it means to be a site reliability engineer in the day-to-day, what tools and technologies they'll need to be familiar with and how to best get them up to speed. But also on...

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