Resilient Real-Time Data Streaming Across the Edge and Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud architectures are the new black for most companies. A cloud-first strategy is evident for many new enterprise architectures, but some use cases require resiliency across edge sites and multiple cloud regions. Data streaming with the Apache Kafka ecosystem is a perfect technology for...

Kai Waehner Field CTO @Confluentinc

Past Presentations

Extreme Programming Meets Realtime Data

At Unruly, we're fast and furious both in terms of the volumes we're handling and in our development process. Scaling incrementally has raised some interesting challenges in how to deal with growing data volumes, and by trying to deliver value in small steps, we've ended up with some...

Tom Johnson Software Engineer @UnrulyCo
Gel Goldsby Reporting and Data Team Lead @Unruly
Microservices At The Heart of BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer API used to be a monolithic Java application. Two years ago we switched to Node.js microservices and we have been iterating on it ever since. We have learnt many things along the way including how to keep distributed systems decoupled, how to monitor the health of our services in...

Cem Staveley Software Engineer @BBC iPlayer
Power of the Log:LSM & Append Only Data Structures

This talk is about the beauty of sequential access and append only data structures. We'll do this in the context of a little known paper entitled “Log Structured Merge Trees”. LSM describes a surprisingly counterintuitive approach to storing and accessing data in a sequential fashion. It came...

Benjamin Stopford Author of “Designing Event Driven Systems” & Senior Director @confluentinc


Akhilesh Gupta Sr. Staff Software Engineer @LinkedIn

Streaming a Million likes/second: Real-time Interactions on Live Video

What is the work you're doing today?

I'm the Tech Lead for LinkedIn Messaging and LinkedIn’s Real-time Distribution Platform. This is a platform that we use to deploy server-to-client streaming technology to power many dynamic experiences on LinkedIn. This includes instant distribution of likes, comments and concurrent viewer counts on live videos, instant...

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Herman Schaaf Senior Software Engineer @Skyscanner

From Batch to Streaming to Both

What is the work you're doing today?

I am a Principal Software Engineer at Skyscanner working on the data platform. This is the central data platform that powers all the Skyscanners' events, metrics and logs. My primary role there is making sure that the 2 million or so events we receive every second arrives safely and securely in long term storage, which is in S3,...

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